What’s the Difference Between Full Spectrum and Pure CBD Oil in Canada?

Canadians looking at trying CBD for the first time ask what’s the difference between full spectrum and pure CBD oil. These two forms of CBD are vastly different from one another, with the products they make up also being different.

But to explain the difference between both, we have to look at how they’re made and what both forms of CBD are made of. Make sure to stick around as cannabis use is on the rise and you’ll see this type of CBD sold everywhere.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

First off, let’s talk about full spectrum CBD oil and what it is for those that are new to CBD. This is one of the best-selling products on top CBD comparison sites in Canada such as this one and others.

The hemp plant is home to hundreds of active compounds, each one playing a very important role. One of the two major compounds is CBD and THC. This shouldn’t raise any alarms as Canadians should know that the hemp plant contains a lot less THC than the marijuana plant.

We’re familiar with marijuana as it is commonly known throughout the world as weed. But the THC content in CBD products cannot legally go above 0.3%. This amount isn’t capable of getting Canadians high. So why include it?

THC plays an even bigger role in CBD products than Canadians could imagine. But what role is that? We’re finding out that CBD works better when all major compounds of the hemp plant are present. If we remove THC and other compounds, the CBD product won’t be as effective. So by including 0.3% of THC in the product, we enhance the properties of the cannabidiol.

This is full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD is also the least refined extract of cannabidiol.

Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD oil, on the other hand, is very different from full spectrum.

The name “pure CBD” comes from the fact that these products are made using a type of cannabidiol that goes through plenty of extraction and purification processes. The purpose of these processes is to return nearly 99% pure cannabidiol.

The whole point of pure CBD oil is to give Canadians an extract of cannabidiol that contains no THC and no other active compounds. But why? Well because some Canadians prefer taking cannabidiol in its purest form. But does that make pure CBD oil better than full spectrum? Let’s find out.

Differences Between Full Spectrum and Pure CBD Oil

Now we come to the part of the article where we hopefully explain to you what’s the key difference between both types.

The inclusion of THC and other active compounds is the most important difference between both extracts. While we’ve talked extensively on the subject, we have to highlight that this does make a huge difference; one that separates both extracts apart.

With full spectrum CBD oil, Canadians are getting the least refined type of CBD. This also makes it the most natural one. This is a complete parallel to pure CBD oil where the oil has to go through multiple purification and extraction processes.

During the making of pure CBD oil, we remove THC and every other active compound present in the hemp plant. This, according to many, makes the CBD oil much less effective.

Which One to Choose?

Now that you know what makes both types so different, how would you know which one is for you? Canadians should understand that the best way to know this is through testing. By trying both types of oil you’ll know exactly what type works best for you.

You might strongly disagree with THC in full spectrum oil, but you’ll never know if it’s good for you if you never try it. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up pleasantly surprised at how effective it makes the oil. Some Canadians prefer taking the purest possible form of CBD.

When that’s the case, then pure CBD oil is the obvious choice. But even so, pure CBD oil contains a carrier oil. Since we make this type of oil from CBD isolate, the cannabidiol comes in a powdery or crystalline form. We then have to prepare the crystals or powder and turn them into pure oil. As you can imagine, we can’t do that without including a carrier oil.

So Canadians should know that even if CBD is the only compound in pure oil, we still have to include MCT oil or olive oil to give the product a liquid form. Ultimately, we should mention that there is no right answer. 

Although many experts are suggesting that full spectrum CBD oil is much more effective than pure CBD oil, that doesn’t mean you won’t get the job done by using the other.

Cannabidiol is very good at taking care of many conditions and diseases, and both types are super effective at that. More so, both full spectrum and pure CBD oil are turned into so many products that it depends on the type of product you want to use.


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