What Are the Best Strains of Weed in 2022?

Whether you are new to the cannabis community or you have been hanging around for a while, everyone wants to know – what is the best strain? Thanks to legalization and the evolving cannabis community the answer to this question is always changing and that is a good thing! That means we have more variety which can meet the needs of most cannabis smokers. 

When considering what the ‘best’ weed strain is for you what you really want to think about is – what kind of high you are looking for? So before you take a trip down cannabis lane consider what high you want – you might be looking for a body buzz, head high, something to help with sleep or anxiety, or maybe pain relief. Don’t be afraid to explore different strains as we all react differently! 

Now that you have had a chance to think about what high you are looking for – check out our vetted list of cannabis strains with all of the benefits!

Top 10 weed strains in Canada according to sales, reviews and bud-tenders across Canada. Updated February 2022.

Let’s review the benefits of each strain and help you find the perfect bud for you! 

GMO Cookies Strain

This potent Indica dominant strain is not what its name suggest – instead it a cross between two of best loved strains. Bred from Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookie this strain offers a strong high with a strong smell. Smoking some GMO cookies will give you an awesome body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and free of pain. 

Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake is an Indica dominant strain – Wedding Cake offers a sweet aroma and fruity flavour! A cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies this strain is best for those dealing with pain or appetite issues. Wedding Cake is full of terpenes due to its lineage which offers a relaxing high – great for an end of day smoke!  strains no matter how high it tests, Always helps with pain and appetite and nausea!!

Blue Dream Strain

Do we even need to explain this one? Blue Dream has been a long standing favourites for most cannabis consumers. Offering both a calming and energizing high this strain is great for an afternoon smoke in the park. You will get a hint of berries both in taste and smell. Blue Dream is the dream strain for many smokers out there!

Mother Of Berries

Another Indica dominant strain that is ideal for the end of day smoke is Mother of Berries! This organically grown strain offers a fresh fruit flavour and scent with a hard hitting high. With a combination of terpenes it provides smokers with a full body relaxation that is great for both seasoned and new smokers. 

Northern Lights Strain

Another well-known strain that always seems to find its way on to the best of lists is Nothern Lights. This Indica-dominant strain offers intense relaxation that provides the perfect end to a long day. Many swear by this for helping with sleep issues – but others also find it is a great daytime high. Offering a powerful and euphoric body high it can leave you feeling a sense of peace and happiness. Who doesn’t want to feel this way?!

Arnold Palmer Strain

This Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect wake and bake! If you need a quick pick me up in the morning, Arnold Palmer is the perfect strain for you. Offering a burst of energy – Arnold Palmer strain is ideal if you need a quick kick in the butt to get those pesky chores done. With a lemony flavour and herbal scent this strain is just like the name suggests, an ideal pairing!

Peanut Butter Breath Strain

This one is a rarity! Peanut Butter Breath strain is not your average strain – a cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath, this perfectly balanced hybrid is ideal for all cannabis consumers! This is a great strain for those looking for a relaxing and chill experience. 

Crunch Berries Strain

If you are not familiar with Crunch Berries you might know it by one of its other names – Captain Crunch or Crunchberry. No matter what the name is – the strain is just as addictive as the cereal! Offering an uplifting high that has you feeling energized rather than lazy is great for an afternoon smoke. With hints of berries and vanilla – the scent and flavour of this strain is appealing. This strain has also been connected to a strong creative effect!The high is great for feeding you creative inspiration as well as easing away any racing or painful thoughts.

Wedding Cake Haze

This is another rare one to find – so when you do, we highly recommend you grab some! This Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for veteran smokers looking for a happy, uplifting and euphoric effect. With high THC levels Wedding Cake Haze strains offers the smoker a lot of different benefits! While you may experience an uplifting effect you will also get a gentle relaxing comedown. The best of both worlds! This strain has also been directly connected to help with ADHD, chronic pain, inflammation and nausea. 

Rainbow Chip

Rainbow Chip is the ideal strain for the creative types out there! This strain offers an energetic focus and an adventurous spirit! After a few hits of Rainbow Chip you will either begin creating something beautiful or start experiencing something beautiful – either way, it will be a good time. With a CBD level of 3% this strain offers some great benefits that can help with attention or stress disorders. 

The quality of your cannabis is of great importance – so we want you to feel informed and confident when you make your first or fiftieth purchase! As you can see in our list of top strains there are many different benefits so testing out a few of our top-quality strains at MOMs dispensary might be the best choice for you. At MOMs dispensary we only offer the best weed strains for both recreational and medicinal uses! Visit our shop to buy weed online in Canada.


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