Best strains to boost productivity

The Best Cannabis Strains To Boost And Maintain Productivity

The best weed strains to boost productivity and the top strains to help maintain focus. Plus, which type of weed is better for productivity or focus, Indica or Sativa?

Productivity is a huge buzzword in today’s society. Everyone wants to be more productive because it makes you feel better about yourself. It feels good to get things done and accomplish goals easily.

Many individuals rely on cannabis for more than just recreational use. Some of us choose to enjoy cannabis for its health benefits. Regardless of your reason, one of the main reasons you purchase cannabis is because it relieves stress and anxiety.

Cannabis strains can have varying effects on the human body. The fact of the matter is, no two strains are identical. What one strain does for me might not be what it does for you. But there’s some pretty impressive insight from cannabis studies regarding how strains affect the human body in a productive and positive light. To be clear, this article is not intended to advocate the use of cannabis. It’s intended to provide information, dispel myths, and provide insights into all of this plant’s favourable properties and uses in a productive way.

This article contains a list of strains that will help boost your productivity and some juicy information about how marijuana may boost your productivity levels!

Marijuana has long been a staple of the counterculture, but its growing acceptance has sparked a lot more interest in how it can improve our productivity. While there isn’t much research on the topic, many anecdotal reports suggest marijuana can help people focus on their work, improve their creativity, and even get them through their to-do lists.

Here’s some more skinny on the scoop:

Marijuana may help you overcome writer’s block.

A study from the University of California at Irvine found that low doses of THC (the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana) helped subjects who were having trouble concentrating and focusing on their writing. Subjects who were given this dose were twice as likely to complete their writing assignments than those who weren’t given any THC at all.

It may help you be more creative.

Researchers at New York University found that high doses of THC could actually increase creativity in some people. When participants were given THC before being asked to solve anagrams or do other tasks requiring them to come up with new ideas or solutions, they fared better than those who weren’t given any THC at all.

One of the reasons for this increase in productivity is that marijuana helps with focus and creativity. It also helps reduce anxiety, which means you’re less likely to procrastinate or get distracted by other things you have to do.

But, here’s the thing- it’s all about the strain and the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, time of day, and quite a few other factors. Let’s begin understanding all of this a bit more…

Which is better for productivity: Indica or Sativa

Is Indica or Sativa better for productivity?

 Sativa or indica? Which is better for improving focus? The answer is: it depends.

In most cannabis circles, there is a general acceptance that sativas should be the go-to if you are looking for an energy boost. Indicas, on the other hand, are generally referred to as the more relaxing strain. 

Sativa strains are typically recommended for improving focus, but not all sativas are created equal. In fact, some sativas can actually make you feel more jittery and anxious than you started out.

Indica strains are typically better suited for relaxation than focus. Still, many indicas also have a high CBD content, making them good options for people who need to focus while being able to relax at the same time.

As you might have already guessed, there are quite a few strains to grab for productivity and a few that should be left for your evening wind-down routine. Let’s check them out:

Choosing the Best Marijuana For Productivity

Super Lemon Haze Stain

It’s not often that you find a strain of weed that has all the best parts of other strains, but Super Lemon Haze is the real deal. It’s the perfect balance of sativas: not too sleepy, not too energetic, just right.

Super Lemon Haze was created by crossing Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk. It tastes tart and sweet, like citrus and dankness. It provides an uplifting, clear-headed sensation with smooth serenity. This haze will keep you moving!

Super Sour Diesel Strain

 It’s not just a strain. It’s a state of mind.

Super Sour Diesel, a hybrid strain with an invigorating aroma that’s been around since the early 90s, is one of the most popular strains in the world. It’s great for those who want to get up and clean the whole house after a long day at work! Its stimulating effects are enough to make your heart race, but they aren’t so intense that they make you feel like an anxiety attack is imminent.

The best way to figure out which strain is right for you is by experimenting with different types of cannabis.

What are the best strains for focus?

If you’re looking to improve your focus, consider trying one of these strains:

Blue Dream Strain

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is one of the most popular in Canada due to its heavy-hitting euphoria and powerful cerebral effects that leave you feeling relaxed and happy with a strong sense of euphoria. Blue Dream is great for those who need an extra boost in the morning or during the day when they need a little extra motivation.

Cannatonic Strain

 This hybrid strain is known for its high CBD content, which makes it perfect for treating pain and inflammation without the psychoactive effects associated with other strains of cannabis. Its indica side provides a relaxing body high that helps you sleep soundly at night, while its sativa side offers uplifting energy during the day so that you can stay focused on your tasks!

Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is a hybrid strain that combines Skunk and Sativa genetics, creating a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an upbeat mood and energetic buzz. The buds are bright green with many orange hairs, giving them a vibrant appearance.

The smell of Green Crack is rich and earthy, with notes of lemon and pine. The taste has similar flavours but with even more citrus tones—think lemon-lime soda!

This strain can be used by those who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression because it helps put you at ease while leaving you feeling motivated and happy. It may also help those who struggle with ADHD symptoms such as lack of focus or excessive fidgeting due to its ability to boost energy levels without causing restlessness or overstimulation (in fact, it could actually help calm down some hyperactive people).

The Bottom Line

Marijuana can indeed be helpful for your focus and productivity levels. When it comes to marijuana, there are many different strains. Each strain has different effects on the consumer. Some strains are more energizing than others, while others are more sedating. This means that certain strains may help you to focus while others may make it difficult to concentrate.

How MOM’s Online Dispensary Can Help

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