Woolly Mammoth *RARE STRAIN*

THC – 30.3%
CBD – 0.90%

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What a beauty! Woolly Mammoth is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic LA Confidential X Snowcap strains. This translates over into a rare honey soaked woody flavor of the bud, with a flavour profile that is delicious and tantalizes the palate with its honeyed smoke. Swirling it in the mouth brings out its sweet earthy flavor tinged by a tangy citrus. Meanwhile, the exhale leaves a woodier aftertaste that lasts beyond the high. The effects of the strain kick in soon after your first few hits, lifting you into a state of pure euphoria with a touch of focused energy. Your body will feel light as air, making this bud perfect for when you need some energy before you hit the great outdoors. Even with this lifted energized state you’ll remain relaxed through and through, just not weighted down or sleepy. In combination with its high THC level, these potent effects give Woolly Mammoth an edge in treating chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and nausea. A rare bud for the true connoisseurs!


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