Vanilla Waferz


THC – 29.5%

CBD – 0.85%

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Product Overview: Vanilla Waferz Hybrid Strain

The Vanilla Waferz hybrid strain offers an even balance, known for its captivating flavours and enticing aromas. Like its name suggests, this strain imbues a sweet and creamy vanilla essence with subtle notes of nuts and wood upon exhaling.

A Scent to Savour

The aroma is akin to its flavour profile, accentuated with a woody pine overtone. Complimenting the woody pine are tones of fresh nutty vanilla and a hint of gassiness that tie together this unique olfactory experience.

The High Experience

Experience a wave of lifted happiness that replaces any negative thoughts or racing moods a few minutes after your final exhale. The effects of Vanilla Waferz lead to a light heaviness that may cause your eyes to feel slightly heavy.

A Euphoric Giddy State

In this euphoric state, you might find yourself drifting into a blissful sleepiness that could potentially lead you to doze off without even realizing it.

Therapeutic Uses

Vanilla Waferz, with its significant THC level, is often the choice for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, chronic stress, and appetite loss. It’s not just a strain with an intriguing flavour profile, but also one with potent healing potential.


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