Supermax OG



THC – 29.3%

CBD – 0.85%

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Super Max OG: A Balanced Hybrid Strain

Super Max OG is a hybrid strain recognized for its well-balanced ratio and effects. This strain stands out for its unique flavor and aroma profile, combined with its powerful effects.

Flavour and Aroma

The primary characteristic of Super Max OG is its delightful flavor of sweet lemon, accentuated by earthy kush and hints of sweet spices. Its aroma follows suit, presenting a strong, earthy pine overtone that is beautifully complemented by sweet, spicy citrus notes.

Experience and Effects

The Super Max OG high is as appealing as its flavor. It induces a robust euphoria and a profound sense of happiness that intensifies over time. Users may experience a surge of energy that enhances motivation without being overwhelming. Following the initial euphoric rush, a relaxing body buzz sets in, offering deep relaxation while maintaining functionality and avoiding couch-lock.

Medicinal Benefits

Medicinally, Super Max OG is highly valued for its effectiveness in treating various conditions. Its substantial THC content makes it particularly beneficial for managing chronic pain, mood swings, and chronic stress. Additionally, its relaxing properties make it a suitable choice for those dealing with insomnia.

Therapeutic Advantages

The therapeutic benefits of Super Max OG extend to its ability to induce a state of happiness and relaxation. This makes it ideal for those seeking mental relief and an uplifted mood, further enhancing its appeal as a versatile and beneficial hybrid strain.


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