Sour Power


Sativa Dom Hybrid

THC – 24.3%

CBD – 0.75%

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Sour Power Ounce Deal – Overview

Sour Power, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, originates from the potent cross between Star Bud and East Coast Sour Diesel strains. It’s popular amongst seasoned users due to its unique blend of intense uplifting cerebral effects complemented by a subtle Indica influence that keeps you grounded.

Effects and Experience

The high from Sour Power is known to hit quickly, delivering a robust uplift in mood and a surge in creativity and focus. The sense of motivation it instills is potent, but there’s also a slight risk of anxiety and dizziness if consumed in excess. This energizing high continues to build but is always counterbalanced by an Indica undercurrent that keeps you anchored.

Medical Benefits

Given its potent cerebral and mood-enhancing effects, Sour Power is often recommended for experienced patients dealing with conditions such as PTSD, depression, chronic inflammation, and muscle spasms. Its uplifting properties can provide relief from depressive symptoms, while its subtle physical effects can potentially alleviate inflammation and spasms.

Flavour and Aroma

Sour Power features a unique flavour profile, with a prominent taste of pungent sour diesel followed by a sweetening lemon aftertaste upon exhale. Its aroma follows a similar pattern, offering a tantalizing mix of sour citrus notes accompanied by a subtly sweet, earthy undertone.

The strain is known for its strong cerebral high, which can lead to feelings of anxiety or dizziness if consumed excessively. As always, use responsibly and adjust your dosage according to your individual tolerance and response.


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