Sour Headband


Sativa Dom Hybrid
THC – 24.2%
CBD – 0.60%

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Sour Headband Strain: A Stimulating Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Sour Headband is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, leaning 70:30 towards sativa. This strain creates an immersive experience that wraps both mind and body in a cozy euphoria, igniting mental activity and fostering physical relaxation simultaneously.

Uplifting & Relaxing Experience

Sour Headband kicks off with a cerebral high, brightening your mood and offering a fresh perspective on your surroundings. As this mood elevation continues, a unique tingling sensation begins at the back of your head, gradually permeating your whole body, ushering in a state of cheerful relaxation.

Therapeutic Benefits

Due to its powerful THC content, Sour Headband is recommended for those seeking relief from fatigue, headaches or migraines, inflammation, and chronic pain. The special mix of its stimulating cerebral high and physically relaxing qualities may offer health benefits to individuals grappling with these conditions.

Flavour & Aroma

Sour Headband is recognized for its sour flavour profile, coupled with a slightly pungent aftertaste that may take your breath away. However, its aroma is sweet, layered with notes of citrus and diesel, adding a sour yet sweet character to its profile.

Sour Headband provides a unique cannabis experience, blending invigorating cerebral effects with soothing bodily relaxation and a distinctive flavour profile. Buy Sour Headband strain at MOM’s Online Dispensary in Canada

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