Pink Cherry

Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 28.5%

CBD – 0.45%

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Pink Cherry, aka Cherry Kush, is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a rough ratio of 30:70. That makes for a body high ideal for late nights and insomnia. With high THC levels, this is a potent strain with strong medical effects. It’s best for treating sleep disorders, migraines, minor body pains, and chronic stress. It’s also effective at treating nausea and lack of appetite. CBD levels are much lower, about 0.5%, so this strain isn’t recommended for seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD. The Pink Cherry high is body-focused, with strong couch-lock and deep relaxation. It’s strongly euphoric and induces sleep. Side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and strong hunger. This strain has a sweet, pungent flavor; with similar aromas including hints of berries and an overtone of diesel.


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