Mary Jay SuperCritical CO2 Vape Pen Battery


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Effortless and Efficient Vaping

Welcome to a new era of hassle-free vaping with the Mary Jay Supercritical CO2 Vape Pen Battery. Designed to embody both form and function, this sleek and stylish vape pen battery stands as a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.

Key Features: 510 Thread Compatibility and USB Charger

This innovative device is engineered to be compatible with standard 510 thread cartridges, ensuring a seamless transition between a wide variety of oils and flavors. The kit comes with a USB charger so your vape pen is always charged and ready for use.

Sustainability: Non-Disposable Rechargeable Battery

Mary Jay’s commitment to sustainability is apparent with the inclusion of a non-disposable rechargeable battery. This eco-friendly feature plays an important role in reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable vaping experience.

Elegance: Sleek Design

All these features are elegantly encased within a chic and stylish design, making it an ideal accessory for any vaping connoisseur.


Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when charging your device to prevent overcharging, which can lead to battery damage.


This product does not contain nicotine or any other controlled substances. It does not generate vapor on its own and is designed for use with cartridges that contain controlled substances. This product is intended for individuals of legal smoking age within their respective territory.


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