Galactic Gas

Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 30.5%

CBD – 0.30%

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Galactic Gas Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

Galactic Gas is a rare Indica-Dominant hybrid strain, featuring a composition ratio of roughly 70:30. The unique properties of Galactic Gas give it an edge that’s hard to overlook.

Aroma & Flavour

The aroma of Galactic Gas is distinct and impactful, exuding heavy notes of diesel and gas that make their presence known instantly. This strain’s aroma is so potent it can quickly pervade any room.

The flavour profile of Galactic Gas stays faithful to its aroma, delivering a dynamic taste of diesel, accented by sweet earth and herbs, offering an unexpected, delightful overtone.

The High Experience

The high from Galactic Gas is as captivating as its scent, fostering a calm yet imaginative state. This strain uplifts your mind into a high soar while your body descends into comforting heaviness.

Experience a wave of happiness that swiftly washes away any negative thoughts or mental chatter. Following the mental uplifting, a gentle physical tingle precedes a heaviness that can lead to couch-lock.

Therapeutic Uses

Owing to its soothing effects and substantial THC level, Galactic Gas is often recommended for conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, inflammation, and stress. It’s not just a unique sensory journey, but also a potential source of relief for these ailments.


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