THC – 24.3%
CBD – 0.90%

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Chupacabra Strain: The Balanced Hybrid

Chupacabra is an uncommon, perfectly balanced hybrid strain renowned for its unique flavour profile and lasting effects. As an evenly matched hybrid, it offers an ideal mix of mental and physical effects, making it a flexible option for a variety of needs.

Taste & Scent

Chupacabra teases the taste buds with a distinctive flavour that begins sweet and fruity but takes a savoury twist on the exhale, unveiling clear hints of vanilla. The aroma complements the taste perfectly, releasing a potent earthy scent mingled with a sweet tropical fruit aroma when the buds are burned.

Long-Lasting High

The Chupacabra high is characterized by a gradual build-up, subtle yet long-lasting, doing away with the need for frequent top-ups. The high begins with a euphoric boost that instills a short-lived sense of energy and focus. But, as the mental high intensifies, the effects quickly transition to sedative, inducing a dreamy introspective state. Simultaneously, your body succumbs to the relaxing effects, drifting into a peaceful, sleepy condition.

Medicinal Benefits

Chupacabra’s powerful effects, coupled with its impressive THC content, make it a preferred choice for those seeking relief from certain ailments. These include chronic pain, migraines, depression, stress, and muscle spasms. With its enduring high and a blend of invigorating and soothing effects, Chupacabra serves as a reliable therapeutic strain.

Chupacabra is a choice strain for those seeking a unique, balanced cannabis experience. With its rich flavour profile, lasting effects, and potential health benefits, it’s a popular pick among both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Buy Chupacabra strain at MOM’s Online Dispensary in Canada.

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