Black Gas x Island Pink – Rare Strain

Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 30.5%

CBD – 0.65%

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Black Gas x Island Pink Strain Overview

Hey there! If you’re ready to try something extraordinary, get acquainted with Black Gas x Island Pink. This isn’t your everyday strain – it’s a balanced mix, offering both uplifting and calming vibes.

Flavour Profile

Think earthy and spicy notes of Black Gas blending smoothly with the sweet vanilla hints of Island Pink. It’s a tasty combo that perfectly balances the two distinct flavors.

Aroma Alert

The aroma is just as impressive, delivering a mix of herbal and sweet scents that make every session a sensory delight.

The Experience

Starting with an uplifting and happy buzz, this strain ensures you’re feeling on top of the world. But don’t worry, it gently eases you into a relaxed state, ensuring a balanced, enjoyable experience.

Health Benefits

It’s not just about the good vibes. This strain is a go-to for relief from chronic pain, stress, and muscle spasms. And if you’re looking for a solid night’s sleep, it’s got you covered.

Black Gas x Island Pink is where great taste meets an excellent vibe and reliable relief. It’s a top choice whether you’re looking to chill, uplift your mood, or find some pain relief. Available for all our friend across Canada – we’ve made getting your hands on this strain as easy as pie. Enjoy!


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