How is Hash Made?

Hash is developed from trichomes and dried resin – this helps create potency. One of the benefits of smoking hash is that the process of creating the concentrate is quite natural compared to over concentrates like shatter that require solvents. Hash is a lot more natural and therefore is a preferred concentrate by many.

Types of Hash

It is important to be aware that there are many different types of hash. Therefore, we will give you a rundown of each kind to make an informed decision when checking out our hash catalogue.

Common Hash Types:

When it comes to hash, you have the following options: dry ice hash, ice water hash, Lebanese hash, Turkish hash, Moroccan hash. These types have a similar potency level – but they differ in the method to take out kief. Therefore, the extraction method will create a different appearance, which is why there are different types.

How to Consume Hash

Consuming hash is not complicated – like we said, it has been around for a while, so you can imagine that the standard options are available. But it is important to note there are options! We will break those down here.

Vaporizing Hash

For most hash consumers – vaporizing is the method of choice. It is ideal to avoid the negative impacts of smoking. If you are new to vaporizing hash, you will want to note that there are different vaporizers for dried and concentrated cannabis. So when you are purchasing your vaporizer, just make sure it is specifically designed for cannabis concentrates.

Hash In Joints

Smoking hash in a joint is probably the most popular method. It is simple, quick and provides a flavourful high. Many people who smoke hash prefer to do so through the tried, tested and true joint!

Hash Infused Edibles

The wonderful world of edibles is also open to hash consumers. Just like more cannabis edibles – hash can be infused into many different products. It provides a great body buzz and overall high. Just remember always to start low and go slow.

Consuming Hash with Pipe or Bong

For many hash smokers, the ease of using a pipe or bong is appealing. Just like smoking dried cannabis, it is quick and easy to do. However, if you are trying this out for the first time, we highly recommend that you use a screen on the bowl to prevent the hash from been sucked through – not the ideal situation.

See our full guide on how to smoke Hash on our blog.

The Effects Of Hash Effects

Hash has some incredible effects that many new consumers will want to be aware of.

THC Effects

Hash holds a high THC percentage, which creates a solid high – this is why many cannabis smokers switch from dried flower to hash. This intense high can create a body buzz and a head high. Depending on the strain of the concentrate – hash can have an intense feeling of relaxation or strong creative benefits.

CBD Effects

Again, as a concentrate, Hash holds a high percentage of CBD. CBD has many medicinal benefits that are not lost in the hash process. CBD offers strong relaxing and calming effects that can benefit many. Not only does CBD act alone, but it also helps to balance the impact of THC.

What is Hash – A Quick Summary

If you have been smoking or consuming cannabis for quite some time and are looking for a new or stronger high hash might be the next option for you. As we explained above, the concentration of THC and CBD provide a solid high that could have you feeling like you are smoking for the very first time.

For our new consumers reading – do not let the intensity of the high scare you away! Just start low and go slow. You will not be disappointed with the effects of hash.

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