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Dispensaries come in all shapes and sizes, online stores, and physical locations. The most popular options are MOM online dispensaries.

It’s important to understand that while the world is reevaluating its relationship with cannabis, we are far from being on the same page. Some countries have unilaterally changed their rules on the drug; others have only partially done so, such as the US and Canada, which have a majority of states and provinces designating marijuana as a legal substance.

Even in these states and countries where marijuana is legal, the rules are not all the same across the board. This makes comparisons difficult but here are the criteria we’ve established for making the comparison:

  • Product list
  • Customer service
  • Prices
  • Website interface
  • Shipping
  • Discounts and promos
  • Uniqueness

Let’s review the difference in 2 dispensaries. Budmail.com & Mom’s Online Dispensary.

Budmail Online Dispensary

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BudMail Vs. MOM's Online Dispensary: A Quick Comparison

Here’s an overview of some of the key features you’d hope to find in an online marijuana marketplace. How do Budmail and MOMs online dispensaries compare when we look at what they offer.

Feature BudMail MOMs Online Dispensary
Quality Products on Offer YES YES
Free Shipping YES YES
Customer Support That’s Reliable and Knowledgable YES YES
Competitive Pricing YES YES
Expansive Product Range YES YES
Easy to Use Online Store/Website NO YES
Consistent Super Oz Deals NO YES
Site Profile NO YES
Verified Reviews NO YES

BudMail Alternative: Down In The Detail

We’ve seen the overview, now lets dive in deep to truly understand where these differences lie and how they affect the experience and ease of access to marijuana both positively and negatively.

MOM’s Online Dispensary Excels In Shipping & Delivery

MOM’s Online Dispensary has a clear advantage in that they’re far superior in the world of shipping and delivery. This is a vital condition determining success as ordering marijuana is one thing, but getting it in a timely manner is another.

Both MOM’s Online Dispensaries and BudMail offer anonymity and delivery, but how they approach these two matters is completely different. BudMails delivery mechanisms aren’t as robust as MOM dispensaries, and they lack the same speed and urgency as MOM’s dispensary has, even though they are fast in their own right. This makes MOM’s Online Dispensary more effective at shipping and delivery overall.

MOM’s Online Dispensary Has Better Customer Support

BudMail’s main area where it suffers the most is customer support. Not only is it hard to find and navigate, but it’s also not as effective as MOM’s Online dispensary. To even get in touch with contact support for BudMail requires you to go through a labyrinth of pages on their website before reaching the contact information.

The people handling customer support are far more helpful on MOM’s Online Dispensary than they are BudMail, with superior knowledge and understanding of their products and operations.

MOM’s Online Dispensary Has a Friendlier Website Interface

The online world is filled with frustrating websites that don’t operate the way they should be at times. The last thing anybody wants is to be stuck trying to understand the website they’re trying to purchase products from. This is where MOM’s Online Dispensary shines the most as they know how to cater to their audience. Their site is far easier to navigate and understand than that of BudMail. Just based on how BudMail handles customer support, should it really come as a surprise that their website is slightly flawed?

BudMail has excess negative space making their site look almost incomplete at times. Worst of all, it’s also not very user-friendly at times. There’s not the same level of flow seen on MOM’s Online Dispensary. There’s also a stronger sense of identity with MOM’s Online Dispensary, where they actually try to engage and introduce their company, goals, and ethos before throwing all the specials and offerings your way.

MOM dispensaries leave you with far less room for questions of where to find things and what everything means. This, for a frequent marijuana user, is key. Simplicity through striking design and easy-to-navigate functionality. BudMail, take note.

MOM’s Online Dispensary Has More Positive Reviews

Reviews are sometimes the ultimate test to determine if something new is credible. MOM dispensaries take an immense focus on getting feedback. They can take this focus because they know it’s been a positive experience for most people using their platform. They’re happy to display these reviews, too, because there is power in transparency. BudMail takes a different approach. They seem to bury their reviews or make them harder to find unless you’re really looking for them. Customers can feel overwhelmed without guidance from people not affiliated with the site. That’s why reviews can be so beneficial, and MOM’s Online Dispensary succeeds in providing these.

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Conclusion: Budmail is not your friendliest Online Dispensary

We shouldn’t even have to make the final verdict as the evidence is clear, which is better without us mentioning it. MOM’s Online Dispensary has a clear leg up on Bumail. They offer better service to their clients and are a far better alternative to BudMail.

The selling point for us is that there is more credibility in MOM’s Online Dispensary thanks to transparent reviews. Beyond that, it’s a matter of quality, not just of the product but also of the service. MOMs online dispensary has built an impressive shop in Canada, especially allowing them to offer things like free shipping to anywhere in the country. They also have the ability to provide tons of coupons, promos, and discounts to loyal customers and even new ones to make it cheaper and more accessible.

Customers don’t even need all these perks. They’ve made it clear who they prefer, and for a good reason. Cannabis users are looking for quality products and knowledgeable customer support to guide them through the process and the countless options; these are areas where they’re untouchable against the likes of BudMail. As a result, MOM’s Online Dispensary is the clear choice for Canadians looking to buy weed online.

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