Why Budget Buds Are Great In Canada

Budget Buds – Cheap Weed that Still Does the Job

Budget buds are a great alternative for you if you’re a budget-conscious weed consumer.  We’ve all seen the inflationary effects on the price of just about everything. Many of us are looking for ways to cut costs. Budget buds & cheap weed is a great start!

We look for bargains, but at the same time, we want to be sure the products we use are still of good quality, are safe, and still produce the desired effect.  Here’s a look at how budget buds may be a good choice for you if you are proudly in penny-pinching mode.

What are Budget Buds?

Think about the sale table at the grocery store.  You may see some beat-up cans, some day-old bread and pastries, and some bruised fruit.  All of it is still perfectly consumable, and many shoppers take advantage.  Budget buds are exactly the same.  Consider it the same as some of the “ugly fruit” you may find at the sale table. 

With cheap weed, the product’s look may not be 100% uniform, as it is in the more expensive packaging.  The growing process is the same, the processing is the same, but the look of the product may appear a bit “off.”  That’s budget buds in a nutshell.  They retain all the terpenes; they have the same potency; the flavour is the same – they just look a bit ugly or small.

The Difference with Budget Buds Versus Full Price Buds

We’ve just summarized it – there is none, apart from the visual appearance of the budget buds; they simply aren’t as uniform-looking.  So, if you’re in the market for weed deals at your local dispensary or online dispensary, whether it’s bricks and mortar or online,  you should check out their line of budget buds. Generally you will find more of a selection from a mail order marijuana online cannabis shop.

Difference In Cheap Weed vs. Regular Weed or Budget Bud Weed
Regular Weed Nugs vs “Smalls” aka Budget Buds or Popcorn Weed

Branding, Marketing, Packaging of Weed

Very often, you’ll see higher price tags attached to weed brands that feature attributes such as:

  • A small-batch processing method
  • Organic soil during the growing process
  • Strict nutrient control during growing

These features are great, but they come at a price – higher cost at your local or online dispensary.  Fancier packaging, glitzy advertising, and marketing – they all drive up the price of any product, weed included.  The end result, however, for all intents and purposes, is identical.  In short, weed is weed, especially when it is subject to stringent Canadian regulations, as 100% of the legal product is.

The Visible Differences of Budget Buds

The only thing you need to be prepared for is the visual differences of your budget buds versus their higher-priced counterparts.  In general, you may find:

  • The buds are smaller
  • Variety in the size of the nugs – not as uniformly sized
  • Popcorn buds
  • Oddly shaped nugs
  • Glitz-free packaging

Keep in mind that the product, other than the visual aspects just listed, is exactly the same, with the same freshness, the same potency, and the same experience for the user smoking it.

Try it, and You’ll Probably Like it

This is our best advice.  Do yourself a favour, and the next time you are shopping at your online dispensary or local shop, try some cheap weed, in the form of the budget buds they have on offer.  Chances are, you will not notice any difference as a user. Enjoy, and save some bucks with budget buds.

You can buy Budget Buds right here at Mom’s Online Dispensary. Check out our sale section or find our cheap ounces including our $60 Ounce Deal in Canada.


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