Best Online Dispensary Canada Reddit

Best Online Dispensaries According to Reddit

What makes an online dispensary the best? According to reddit users, consistent cannabis quality, great OZ deals, verified reviews and loyalty rewards.

If you are looking for a list of the best Online Dispensaries as voted by reddit users on the many MOM lists and Canadian Cannabis Dispensary lists, we have updated it after aggregating the results across multiple subreddits.

This list of the best online dispensaries in Canada is intended to provide alternate solutions to buying weed online and where to get premium medicinal cannabis flowers, edibles, hash, vaporizers and more from what reddit users have deemed highly rated and secure shops. You can also get $25 Off your next purchase at MOM’s Online Dispensary by registering here for a coupon code on your first purchase, plus we have lots of other online dispensary promo codes for every type of product.

Why Buy Weed Online From A Grey Market Mail Order Marijuana Online Dispensary?

Grey market online dispensaries offer better cannabis flower products, more potent edibles, are able to sell hash, mushrooms and overall have better deals, sales, rewards and cannabis coupons. Many online dispensaries offer same day delivery or typically ship out orders within 24 hours via Canada post or other registered mail services. Top rated online dispensaries all have reviews that can be verified by other users and are typically deemed safe and secure to use. Essentially, while they may not be licensed, most of them have been around since before cannabis became legal to sell in Canada and know how to source or grow product better than many licensed producers, and typically move product faster so your weed is fresh!

Top 10 Online Dispensaries In Canada

Let’s finally look at the top online dispensaries in Canada according to reddit:

Online Dispensary Canada Reddit

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1. The Grow House

Craft cannabis, excellent budget buds deals, lots of flash sales, reliability

2. West Coast Cannabis

Very large menu with mix & match deals. Bulk MOM with everyday low prices.

3 Quadzilla Premium Cannabis Delivery

Premium AAAA Weed with OZ deals starting at $60, not to mention if you are in the GTA, they do same day local delivery.

4. WTF Cannabis

Good deals on cheap weed and decent selection of of concentrates and tinctures.

5. Top Shelf BC

15 years of experience and lots of 2 OZ deals plus they also offer rewards programs.

6. Budmail

Fast shipping and large selection. Some users reported hit-or-miss on the budget buds deals at budmail.

7. The ChronFather

The legendary Chronfather that was taken down has reborn and is now offering a simple menu of flowers, edibles & extracts.

8. Cannabismo

Not truly known for the best bud, but possibly having some good weed deals!

9. Green Society

Well known and has been around for ages.

10. Herb Approach

HAs changed domains a few times, but manages to get back up again. Great for budget buds.


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