Beginners Guide To CBD

An introduction to CBD, CBD effects and CBD Dosage guide.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. It acts as your body’s moderator and regulates how endocannabinoids attach to the body’s receptors. Therefore, CBD doesn’t actually get the user high. 

Differences Between CBD and THC

The biggest difference is that THC gets you high and CBD doesn’t. THC induces feelings of euphoria that are commonly associated with smoking weed. CBD on the other hand, regulates how the THC cannabinoids interact with the body.  

What CBD Dosage should I take?

Since everyone and every situation is different, it is important to start off with 2-3mg doses per day and add more each day as needed until you hit your sweet spot.  Also, it is important to not take CBD with other medication as it can have unintended side effects.

Common Therapeutic Effects of CBD

Although research is still in its infancy stage, millions of CBD users commonly report increases in relaxation, happiness, awareness, focus and overall mood. Although there are many variables that can affect what effects are felt.

Medical Benefits of CBD

Medical marijuana patients use CBD to help control symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Others uses include to help with sleep and eating disorders. The most common use of CBD in Canada is for pain relief.  

Side Effects of CBD

The World Health Organization reported that CBD is safe. This is reinforced by the fact that side effects are rare. Small annoyances like dry mouth and dizziness can sometimes occur. However, CBD can interact with certain medications causing unexpected effects. Therefore it is important to check with a physician before going on CBD.

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