What Magic Mushrooms Are Best For Depression

Are Magic Mushrooms Good For Depression

Do Magic Mushrooms help with depression and anxiety and how do they help? Let’s look at the new research about what Magic Mushrooms can do for your mental health.

You know that feeling when you’re having a bad day and you just can’t get out of it? You’re stuck in a rut, and no matter what you do, it’s like something is blocking your way.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you: magic mushrooms might just be the answer to getting out of that funk.

But this may not be new news to you- magic mushrooms, and psilocybin, has been in the news for a while now. And what started off as a shrugged-off thought has gradually gathered traction amongst most communities, and all people across all walks of life are getting curious.

Are mushrooms good for depression?

Researchers have found that psilocybin helped to reduce activity in key areas of the brain associated with depression, such as the amygdala and default mode network (DMN). The DMN is an interconnected network of brain regions that are active when people are not focused on any particular task or external stimuli. The researchers also found that psilocybin reduced connectivity between these two areas and parts of the cortex involved in processing self-related thoughts, such as negative self-judgments about one’s own personality traits. 

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for the day when researchers would find a way to help people with depression. We’ve been excited about the possibility of using psilocybin to help people with depression for a long time, and now it looks like our wait is almost over.

Can mushrooms help anxiety and depression?

The main question is this: How do magic mushrooms affect your brain? According to new research, psilocybin—the active ingredient in magic mushrooms—has significant effects on brain flexibility in people who have experienced depression. Findings across multiple studies show that psilocybin makes the brain more flexible, working in a unique way (as opposed to regular antidepressants), even weeks after use. But what does this mean? It means that we could turn to magic mushrooms as a worthy knight in the fight against depression, but what’s more, it could soon replace pharmaceutical antidepressant drugs, which cause intense side effects for many people. 

Studies show that people with depression and anxiety can develop rigid patterns of brain activity, but psilocybin could help them explore new cognitive territory.

Let’s touch base on Psilocybin

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin. You’ve probably heard it in the news, or maybe even heard a few friends talking about the wonders of magic mushrooms. But it’s more than something fun to enjoy at a party- it can adjust the way you perceive space and time, create visuals, a sense of euphoria and it’s even been used to inspire deeply spiritual experiences. It is an active compound present in specific types of mushrooms, and is definitely less potent than LSD (100x less). 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Mushrooms

Question: What mushrooms are best for depression?

Answer: What is known as ‘magic mushrooms’ are any mushrooms that contain Psilocybin. Psilocybin can relieve symptoms in people with major depressive disorder. Lion’s Mane is another type of mushroom highly revered for its effect on relieving depressive symptoms. 

Question: Do mushrooms boost your mood?

Answer: Magic mushrooms can have a profound effect on how people feel, and they can be used as a therapeutic tool to treat depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders.

The short and easy answer is yes, mushrooms do have mood-enhancing qualities. According to a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine found that magic mushrooms are some of the most potent mood-boosters. 

Question: How Long do Mushrooms Last?

Answer: There is a large difference between taking a micro dose of magic mushrooms, and enough to cause a trip. When trying to manage depression, many people find it better to micro dose Psilocybin as opposed to a large dose. However, to provide a simple answer, the effects of a larger dose tend to last anything from 4 – 6 hours. 

The Bottom Line:

After decades of being a taboo topic, the use of psychedelic mushrooms as a treatment for depression is starting to gain traction. Psilocybin is one of the best novel treatments for depression, and will likely begin taking over from traditional drugs as more and more people become comfortable with it as a treatment rather than a hallucinogenic.

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