420 online dispensary deals canada

420 Canada Online Dispensary Deals 2022

The best 420 online dispensary weed deals in Canada at MOM’s Dispensary. Get $60 Ounce bags, save on edibles, AAAA Weed, AAA Weed, and budget buds at our Canadian online dispensary.

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30% Off Monopoleaf Edibles USE CODE 30MOM
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420 in Canada

Every year on April 20th, Canadians celebrate our strong cannabis culture and ever since 2017, they have been able to celebrate it legally and almost anywhere they want as more provinces and municipalities relax cannabis laws. With more events being planned than ever before and dispensaries popping up in every corner of the country, 420 in Canada in 2022 will be a memorable one. Find your local 420 celebration and join in, or celebrate at home and get your 420 Online Dispensary Deals delivered to your door!

MOM’s Online Dispensary 420 Deals

This year, MOM’s mail order marijuana 420 deals in Canada will be available from the start of April right till April 20th 2022. See our daily deals below, plus be sure to signup to our newsletter to receive weekly 420 deals exclusive to our mailing list. We will also be announcing rare strains and free account credits!

Get $25 Off Your First Purchase

Plus! – Get Additional Coupon Codes To Keep Saving After Your First Purchase.

Daily 420 Deals in Canada from MOM’s Online Dispensary

New MOM’s Dispensary member deals

We always have 1st time member deals including $25 Off your first order and weed deals for 2nd and 3rd orders. Visit our online dispensary deals and promo codes page for details and check out our budget buds section for discounts on AAAA weed & AAA weed.


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If you are looking for the best online dispensary deals from a mail order marijuana (MOM) shop, you have found our stash of online dispensary coupon codes in Canada. MOM’s online dispensary will be updating this weekly with fresh weed deals and discount codes from our shop plus we will feature our best budget buds. – Updated June 22 2023

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